3 Things I’ve Learned Working with the Tarot

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4 min readJun 8, 2021

(Demystifying the Tarot)

I have studied and worked with the Tarot cards for nearly a decade. I have done my own readings and those for clients and have been pretty accurate every time. I’ve become extremely familiar with the cards and I even use the Penguin Dictionary of Symbols to help me to break down the symbolism within each.

But I also realize that there is some serious misinformation surrounding the Tarot. From summoning demons to mind reading, people have attached some outlandish labels to the cards and the practitioners of the cards. Because of this, many people have deemed them hocus pocus, frivolous and even laugh at Tarot readers.

As one who reads the cards, I thought I should use my experiences to dispel some of these myths. I hope that demystifying the Tarot will give people who are interested in or confused about the cards enough wisdom to make an educated decision to use or not use them on their own.

Here are 3 major things I have learned.

1. The Tarot cards are just subconscious prompts

Each card is simply an archetype or situation common to the human experience. Everyone is familiar with the idea of a hermit who either needs or engages in a lot of solitude. Everyone understands what it feels like to have emotional issues around relationships. There are no specifics within the cards, just overarching things to consider about the cards that you pull.

Everyone has a subconscious belief about every card in the deck, therefore every card is accurate to any reading. All 78 cards are based on common reoccurring themes in human life from day to day situations to human personalities. We all have emotional responses to our communities. We all have mental hang ups about our growth. We all consider money and whether or not we are financially stable. There is no hocus pocus involved.

2. The Tarot is not meant to tell anyone’s future or fortune

The Tarot system was originally created as card game. As a matter of fact, the 56 cards of the minor arcana, with the exception of 4, are the same as a playing card deck. The cards, as I stated above, detail common situations and…

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