4 Realizations Around Spiritual Development

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8 min readFeb 22, 2022

(Discover 4 concepts that make spiritual development make sense)

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Everyone’s spiritual path is different; I get that. Some people choose a particular religious path, some choose to stay away from religion, some choose a hybrid, and some go down paths that are quite different than what we are familiar with.

But, there are some universal ideas that can help you make sense of your own particular path while helping you to raise your self esteem and vibrations (emotions) along the way.

1. Spiritual development is a process of trauma management.

When you hear things like healing, shadow work, and subconscious reprogramming, you are hearing the same thing. The whole process of spiritual development is help us to detach from all the trauma that we’ve been programmed with over the course of our lives.

All traumas aren’t based around abuse and major freak accidents either. Sometimes it just looks like a trigger due to some frustration we experienced on a repeated basis. Whether big or small, it’s all major because of how it affects us and makes us feel.

When we do the healing work, we are becoming honest with ourselves, going deep into the shadows of the subsconscious to make sense of our responses. If we are triggered by certain conversations, behaviors, circumstances in ways that don’t serve us, best believe there is a trauma lurking beneath the surface that needs to be addressed.

Spiritual development is the process of going within and examining these things. We can do this a number of ways: therapy, meditation, speaking to a trusted religious leader, Tarot, etc. We can even do it by sitting with ourselves after we’ve responded to a situation in an unhelpful way or in a way that we recognize was bigger than the situation actually warranted.

The tools we use help us uncover these deeper issues that cause us to response on these negative ways. They cause us to say, “Hmmmm… obviously something is not working in my life and I’m sick of blaming others, being miserable or being so triggered on this issue or that.”

What we want out of the work is to be conscious and aware enough to be honest about what’s happening in our…

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