Breaking Down the Mystical Symbolism of the Cinderella Story

The Writer Erin
4 min readJul 8, 2021

(Another example of how Disney drops spiritual science and hides it in plain sight… for the those on the path of looking)

Cinderella / Walt Disney Productions

The Cinderella animated film by Walt Disney is such a fun movie to break down because there is so much symbolism to pick up on.

The occult is simply “hidden knoweldge” or hidden culture”. It’s more like cryptic information encoded into mythology and art meant for the development of the “initiate”.

The Cinderella story brings with it a young girl, pure at heart with a general love for animals and music.

The beginning of her soul’s journey represents unassuming youth, unseasoned by pure desire and the risk involved in obtaining it.

Part of her life’s theme within the story is the courage it takes and the wisdom she obtains to achieve that desire.

She is treated as a slave, an indentured servant, by her callous step mother and simple minded stepsisters, who serve as the chatter of her ego.

They demean her and constantly devalue her worth. And her inner beliefs keep her confined to the box of their demands and expectations of her, just like our own ego.

On the “dark night of the soul”, a common theme in world mythology, after having the audacity to think she could attend the kingdom ball, her step family (ego) shatters her dream.

Now, in an emotional stupor where she comes to a painful acceptance of her reality, Cinderella ends up in an astral experience.

Her fairy godmother, or spirit guide, appears out of an alpha state that she created from deep emotion to reestablish her subconscious belief pattern for good.

Just like “magic”, the fairy godmother waves her wand (like in the tarot cards) which is fire of the 4 elements, representing her desires, passions, and initiative to manifest an astral reality.

On the astral or subconscious level, all manifestations occur immediately, which eventually become our physical experience.

And with the immediate waving of fairy godmother’s wand, along with an affirmation, or spell statement, of “Bibbidy Bobbidy Boo”, Cinderella became a version of her higher self.