Learn all about the Judgement Card in the Tarot

The Writer Erin
4 min readJul 31, 2021

(Understanding how judgement is reflected on the soul’s journey)

The Writer Erin

Judgement cards in the Tarot represent reflection on where we are going and where we have been. The card is depicted as a a group of people rising, standing out of their graves with arms raised to a divine angel’s trumpet.

The trumpet is the alert to a higher consciousness or a deeper relationship to the divine. Many religious traditions see this as God issuing judgements, sentences even, for right or wrong behaviors in life.

To me, judgement is more of a human trait.

If the divine is oneness, there is nothing really to judge. It’s a third dimensional body and brain that sees separation, and thus judges itself and others based on those differences.

Judgement could be a positive thing, in the case of evaluating areas of preparation, growth and things that we appreciate. It possibly concerns pondering their relationship with the divine and the inner work needed to be done to connect with the energy of love.

But it could also take a negative turn when we are destructive with criticism. When our egos cause us to take a holier than thou position against others (something we ALL do… don’t lie), we’ve sort of missed the point.

I know I’m triggered by judgemental feelings concerning abuses and nastiness towards women, people of color, children, and homosexuals. My Facebook fingers have been known to set a sucka straight… smh.

One could say the outrage in these areas is justified. But what I know, and have to remind myself deep down, is that what I’m judging is my own projection.

I’m a firm believer that everyone and everything is an aspect, a perspective, that the divine is having. The people and things we call “them” or “other” are just aspects of itself that it gets to observe from different vantage points. Everything outside yourself is really you!

The judge card in the Carolyn Myss archetype deck shows a woman holding a scales of justice. The Kemetic (ancient Egyptian) deity called Ma’at, is the goddess of justice. She holds a scale that balances out a heart and a feather.

The goal of spirituality…