My Youth

The Writer Erin
1 min readNov 10, 2022

A poem

The Writer Erin

I used to find myself breathing

I used to feel my lungs breathing

Flowing through the core of me to a place of comfort and peace

The winds breezed calmly over my organs keeping them vital

I remembered who I was then

I flew through the sky like a paper doll

Set adrift on a memory of my royal assignment

My eyes looked upon my tribe with courage

A warrior Princess in full knowing of my power

My hands would raise and call the kingdom to stand

And with grace I welcomed them to sit at my table

I gave birth to love, to life, to light

The trumpets played only to invite love to reign

The war was over inside my aching mind

When my kingdom slept I used cosmic paint to depict dreams

I fulfilled them, the divine prophecy of prosperity and art

It was all brought forth by my design

And when I pulled out the parchment, I found the treasure I had hidden from myself

I displayed a new direction from an old journey

Made clear by my own call to action