The Bartender and The Lady

The Writer Erin
6 min readMar 5, 2021


Inside the luxurious downtown hotel, the restaurant vibe was nice and smooth. As the night fell, so did the lights at the bar.

A woman walked inside, dressed immaculately in a pencil skirt suit and heels. She sat down at the bar counter and crossed her legs.

Two business executives, one in a brown suit and and one in a gray suit, whispered to each other, admiring her.

The bartender smiled, listening to their exchange. “She’s beautiful”, he said.

“She’s amazing,” said the man in the brown suit.

The man in the gray suit said, “She’s incredible. I bet she turns down every man she comes in contact with.”

“You think?” the bartender asked, wiping down the last wet glass on his counter, placing it on his neat shelf.

“Absolutely,” said the man in the brown suit. “Look at her. She’s fine and she knows it”.

The bartender gave them a mischievous grin and folded his arms. “I bet I can woo her.”

The business men looked at each other for a brief moment. Then they exploded in laugher.

The man in the gray suit said, “I’d like to see you try my guy.”

“Yeah,” added the man in the brown suit. “Don’t worry, we’ll be right here to wipe your tears when she sends you back with your tail tucked between your legs.”

The bartender chuckled with them, then slid towards the woman at the opposite end of the bar.

“What can I get for your today beautiful?” asked the bartender, leaning onto the counter to meet the woman eye to eye, and glancing at the business men in suits who were paying full attention.

Catching a glimpse of the exchange of eyes between the adoring men in suits and the bartender, the woman sat up straight and recrossed her leg in sultriness.

“I’ll take a glass of Malbec,” she smiled.

As the bartender turned to pour the woman a glass of wine, winking at the men in suits, he asked, “Long day at work?”

“Yeah,” she answered, shifting her eyes away from his.

The bartender slid a glass across the counter, flashing a dimpled smile at his lady guest.



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