The Best Kind of Revenge

The Writer Erin
5 min readOct 5, 2022

(Don’t get ‘em back. Just get better.)

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I know what it’s like to be hurt. I know all too well the feelings of heartache, betrayal and being left behind for unfair reasons. I’ve had haters, gossipers, liars, and players do the very foolishness that they always do. Understandably, there have been times in my life when I wanted to the universal scales of justice to balance themselves out in my favor.

But rarely do I exact revenge, I mean minus a petty tell-off or curse-out when necessary. Even my mouth has cooled off a great deal the older and wiser I’ve become. It’s because I always noticed a much more effective approach that early own I began adopting to soothe my feelings over being done wrong.

The best revenge, in my experience, is just becoming better. It’s the smoothest and most error free way to give a person’s negative energy right back to them. You see, people who are purposeful about damaging other peoples’ feelings, reputation and sense of self are unlikely to be very secure. They don’t prioritize personal improvement. They are so detached from self esteem that their haterized behavior is a crutch they use to feel better about their internal misery.

Why give them what they want, like attention or validation of their judgment by acting a complete fool, embarrassing yourself just to get them back? Why give them what they crave, which is in many cases your wasted energy on them?

If their crutch is feeling better than you, the easiest way to kick that crutch out from under them is become better, much much better than you were before. Your growth and your authentic inner wins are like cryptonite to those obsessed with your downfall. So being immature and stooping to their level just feeds them. Starve them by leveling up.

Let me be clear. We aren’t leveling up with the purpose of exacting revenge on anyone. It’s my hope that we forgive them for knowing not what they do rather than trying to frustrate them any more than they already are. Our goal is to think about them too little to care. I’m just saying, without having revenge in mind, your power solves the beef way more effectively than your need to control.

That’s what revenge is anyway; control. Control is an irrational determination to force external conditions and people…

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