The Myth that Tarot Readers Need to Call on Spirits

The Writer Erin
4 min readSep 23, 2021

(Understanding why the Tarot does not require the conjuring of spirits to be effective)

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First, let me offer a disclaimer. I am not attacking or judging anyone else’ methods of reading the Tarot. If they call on spirits or ancestors to offer them answers to their readings, more power to them.

But truthfully speaking, I have never had to conjure any spirit in my readings. And if you think about the nature of a reading, it only makes sense that one shouldn’t have to.

Tarot cards are artistic descriptions of common occurrences and archetypes to the psyche. These artistic images are the symbols that are part of the language of the subconscious.

Everything that we experience and relate to in our life experience is simply a projection of the subconscious mind, it’s programs and it’s beliefs. And it is my belief, from intense study and work with spirituality, that the subconscious mind is the spirit world.

I feel that because religion has programmed us to worship something or to relinquish our responsibility to some outside source, it’s often a hard nut to crack to see that spirituality is an inside job.

So obviously, when a person is introduced to Tarot, particularly if they are indoctrinated into a religious mindset, they are concerned with whether or not the cards call on some spirit that contradicts their deity, both of which are constructs of the subconscious.

Now that doesn’t mean that I don’t believe that there is some divine source of love that organizes our existence. To the contrary. I believe, very deeply, in a universal source of intelligence and the power it offers us. I also believe in the existence of ancestors and spirits, some of which are benevolent.

I just don’t feel that we are separate from the divine or subjugated to it’s ego-meniacal punishment of imperfect behavior.

I believe that it offers us answers in the form of subconscious insight. Because the subconscious communicates in symbols, understanding symbols is the way of the Tarot reader.

When I pull cards in a reading, I’m simply reading and analyzing the art on the cards. The Tarot reader’s work is to become astute with spiritual symbols and…

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