The Undeniable Power of Focus

The Writer Erin
3 min readJul 7, 2021

(My personal experience with the magic of focus)

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A few years ago, I worked for an advertising agency as a recruiter. One evening, our boss, Dan, invited us out for bowling and pizza.

I had a lot of respect for Dan.

I liked his leadership style and his process for setting goals. And he always had these interesting ideas and tips for productivity. But this one night, he dropped a bomb on me; a jewel.

I have always been an okay bowler.

I played a lot as a kid with my father’s side of the family. My Aunt Cheryl was so good that she was on one of those teams with regional greats.

This particular night though, it was hit or miss.

Sometimes I would hit a few pins, sometimes I would just make one wobble. On some random occasions I would get a strike, but I wasn’t consistent enough to expect it each bowl.

Then Dan said something incredibly profound.

He said, “When you get up there, focus only on that center pin. Don’t focus on anything else. Just keep your eyes on that pin.”

I trusted his tip, but did not expect what was about too happen.

I grabbed a ball, stepped up to the little alley arrows, put my eyes on that center pin, and swung that ball from my right hand.


I was shocked. But still not sure it wasn’t just a hoax.

Then I did it again.


And I didnt just hit a couple of strikes.

I was hitting them back to back throughout the night. The strikes I didn’t make left only 1 or 2 pins up remaining. It was like I mysteriously became a better bowler instantly.

What I learned that night was that there is power in focus.

I learned that when you have only your goal as your object of attention, everything lines up for the strike.

My eyes, my hand, my legs, my back, and my balance all got in line, immediately. They all lined up for the successful execution that my focus commanded.

Everything about my being was in tune to hit that center pin, knocking all the others down…

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