When People Fear the Truth, We Play These Games

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7 min readOct 14, 2022

(Deflection tactics we ALL use when we can’t handle a truth that maybe we should)

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The truth can be very hard to handle. It’s especially hard when we aren’t aware of the existence of our ego. This ego is determined to convince ourselves and everyone else of whatever identity it thinks it is. So much of our lives are spent building up this false self and so much of our enlightenment is spent tearing it down.

That ego is such a tricky little thing because it tells us that we need validation and approval. Any sign that this status is being compromised knocks the breath out of us because who are we without this identity? It’s almost like a death; ceasing to exist as the person we have convinced ourselves that we are and worse yet, who we MUST be.

So truth can be terrorizing to our egos. Truth, especially if we have to face it in front of one or two people, or dare I say a group of people (the public even) can be emotionally tragic if we aren’t used to facing it. But the truth will hit us all. It doesn’t care who we think we are, what we think we have going on, or what our emotional state is when it steps to us and G checks us.

The truth is it’s own thing and breezes through whenever necessary and can come in the form of a realization, betrayal, the words of a loved one, the shade of an enemy, or even some tragedy. Sometimes it hits so hard it knocks out all we have left in us. All we can do is just face it in its enormity.

But in this article, I’m only proposing that there are some subtle ways that us as people try to skate by the truth. Sometimes it’s so that we can convince other people otherwise, but many times it’s us just trying to not face it within ourselves.

Let’s be clear… we are ALL guilty of these to one degree or another. We are all human and all struggle with the plight of having to deprogram the foolishness from our psyches so that we can live life on a higher dimension than before. Below is simply a list of the sneaky little manipulation tactics that we we use to avoid facing the truth, inevitably avoiding inner progress.

We deflect

Here they go again bringing up something we just don’t want to face right now. Hell, maybe we don’t even know what to…

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